Pieter Pretorius


Cape Town


  • Pieter has extensive experience in all aspects of property law and conveyancing, particularly commercial property, finance agreements and securities.
  • He represents bank’s property finance divisions as well as a foreign property finance lender.
  • Pieter’s expertise includes mortgage and notarial bond registrations, sectional title schemes, trusts and the administration of deceased estates.



Career Overview

  • Pieter Pretorius is a Consultant of Fairbridges Wertheim Becker, specialising in commercial property law and transfers. He was admitted as an attorney and a conveyancer in 1986 and also as a notary public. He is also qualified as a non-practising solicitor of the Law Society of England and Wales in 2006. He is registered as a tax practitioner with South Africa Revenue Service (SARS).
  • Pieter was a professional assistant with Silberbauers Attorneys from January 1986 to April 1988 dealing with mortgage bonds, transfers and property developments. He was a professional assistant with JJ Glick and Company from May 1988 to February 1989 and thereafter with Miller Gruss Katz & Traub from March 1989 to July 1990 dealing with mortgage bonds, transfers and property developments.
  • Pieter practised for his own account from August 1990 to September 1996, then joined Bodenstein Kotze and De Kock from October 1996 to February 2000 and again practised for own account from March 2000 to February 2002, spent a short period with Lucas Dysel Crouse Inc and thereafter joined CK Friedlander Shandling Volks as a professional assistant and later became a director where he attended to commercial property finance matters and sectional title developments.
  • Pieter joined Fairbridges as a Consultant in May 2011.
  • He has negotiated several complex international loan agreements, advising on their structuring and tax aspects.
  • Pieter is actively involved in the skills transfer aspects of the Synergy Empowerment project of the Law Society of South Africa, and in training of staff, candidate attorneys and law students.


  • B Comm (University of Stellenbosch) (1981)
  • LLB (University of Stellenbosch) (1983)


  • Articles completed at Silberbauers (1986)
  • Admitted as an Attorney, conveyancer (1986)
  • Admitted as a Notary Public (1988)
  • Professional Assistant at Silberbauers (1986 to 1988)
  • Professional Assistant at JJ Glick & Co (1988 to 1989)
  • Professional Assistant at Miller Gruss Katz & Traub (1989 to 1990)
  • Practice for own account (1990 to 1996)
  • Professional Assistant at Bodenstein Kotze & De Kock (1996 to 2000)
  • Practice for own account (2002)
  • Professional Assistant and thereafter director at C K Friedlander attorneys (2002 to 2011)
  • Qualified as a non-practising solicitor of the Law Society of England and Wales (2006)
  • Consultant at Fairbridges (2011)