Deirdre Olivier


Cape Town


  • Deirdre on a daily basis advises clients on compliance with legislation and ways in which to deal with the legal issues and processes. She also drafts opinions, and where required policies and by-laws.
  • She also drafts contracts and advises on delictual issues. Much of this advice is to improve and ensure compliance or avoid litigation. If however the matter cannot be resolved, she undertakes engagements, mediation, arbitrations and court proceedings on behalf of her private clients, corporates or organs of state.
  • She has litigated in a vast array of matters which include Constitutional, environmental, tender and procurement, immigration, contract, delict, signage, land use and planning, statutory compliance, interdicts, evictions, housing, forensic matters etc.
  • Deirdre is also a registered mediator and forensic practitioner.



Career Overview

  • Deirdre is the chairperson of the firm and the head of the litigation department. She has extensive experience and success in litigating in the fields of Public and Constitutional law and Civil and Commercial Litigation. She has also been involved in many successful alternative dispute resolution processes.
  • She was involved in the Constitutional Court case involving the Khayelitsha Commission and in the Commission of inquiry into Policing in Khayelitsha.
  • She has also been involved in successfully litigating in land use and planning matters, eviction of for e.g. drug lords, signage and environmental matters in the High Court pertaining to the responsibility for damages caused by sand dunes and water courses etc. These matters were taken by the other parties on appeal to SCA or Constitutional Court but the appeals were dismissed.
  • Deirdre has successfully mediated in numerous matters for the municipalities and in doing so avoided further litigation on these issues.
  • She has also drafted By-Laws, policies, contracts and many opinions to assist clients with implementing the legislation and their policies or guiding them in disputes.
  • She assists clients with negotiating and drafting of contracts and litigating in contractual and delictual disputes. She also advises clients on compliance issues.
  • Deirdre has also successfully sued the departments of Education and Home Affairs in matters relating to school books and immigrations matters.


  • BA LLB. (University of Cape Town) (1991)
  • Mediator and forensic practitioner


  • Articles completed at Fairbridges (1995)
  • Admitted as an Attorney and Notary (1995)
  • Associate at Fairbridges (1995)
  • Director of Fairbridges (1998)
  • Chairperson of Fairbridges Wertheim Becker (2015)