Amish Kika




  • Amish has extensive experience in commercial litigation, administrative law, constitutional law, international trade law and contractual and delictual disputes.
  • Amish also focuses on corporate and commercial law, the establishment and administration of trusts which includes not only litigation but also the drafting of commercial contracts for small and medium enterprises.
  • He also has extensive experience in commercial disputes relating to the shares disputes and contractual disputes. His exposure to the drafting of commercial contracts including the establishment of Trusts and in organising the affairs of small and medium enterprises and that of high nett worth individuals, has kept him at the apex of commercial litigation.



Career Overview

  • Amish is the Managing Partner in the Johannesburg Office of the firm. He has extensive experience in Constitutional and Administrative Law Litigation involving the Food and Agricultural sector in South Africa.  He has successfully litigated in a number of high profile matters involving the formulation and implementation of policy by the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, in particular and other Government Departments. Amish has successfully litigated utilising Administrative Law principles in the fields of International Trade and Competition Law.
  • Amish has successfully litigated in various matters involving Public Procurement and the award of tenders by different arms of Government and quasi-Governmental organisations. This experience includes strategic representations to various bodies for the implementation of policy for various industries.
  • He also renders a broad range of litigation services and provides calculated legal advice appropriate for the conduct of the matter and the needs of the client.
  • He represents a number of public benefit organisations and industry organisations placing him at the forefront of litigation in Food and Agricultural sector.
  • Amish has also represented a number of multi-national companies and organisations at various forms in South Africa, which includes the Financial Services Board, Competition Commission and International Trade Administrative Commission and the Consumer Commission.


  • B.Com LLB (University of Witwatersrand) (1999)


  • Articles completed at Wertheim Becker (2002)
  • Associate at Wertheim Becker (2002)
  • Director at Wertheim Becker (2004)
  • Director at Fairbridges Wertheim Becker (2015)