Law of Persons Sourcebook by Trynie Boezaart- Reviewed by FWB’s Louis Rood

The law relating to persons in South Africa, in all its complexity, diversity and

intricacy has undergone significant constitutional reform, and continues to

develop and respond to present-day cultural and societal changes. This is

reflected in both case law and statutory enactments as our courts and

legislators wrestle to get to grips with constantly unfolding and evolving

dynamics in this critical area of law.

This sixth edition has been thoroughly reviewed and rewritten to bring existing

sources up to date. Not only are the most important judgments analysed, but a

considerable number of relevant statutes are reproduced either in their entirely

or in part. Each entry is followed by comprehensive notes linking the quoted

extracts to existing legal rules and other sources. In this way the legal rules are

deftly illustrated and explained while the author also applies a problem-solving

approach. All aspects of legal status which goes to the essence of the law of

persons and the diverse factors such as age which influence status are

comprehensively dealt with.

Trynie Boezaart BA LLB LLD, Professor of Private Law at the University of

Pretoria, has authored this sourcebook, as well as its sister volume Law of

Persons (6th edition 2016), from the publication of the first edition in 1995

(together with Rita Jordaan). She is an Advocate of the High Court of South

Africa, founder of the Centre for Child Law at the University of Pretoria, and

has served as an Acting Judge of the High Court. She edited Child Law in

South Africa (Juta 2009), and has published widely on numerous aspects of

the law of persons and related fields.

Whereas the author’s Law of Persons is also available in Afrikaans as

Personereg, this sourcebook, for reasons of affordability, is only published in

English, but older Afrikaans sources included are translated into English.

The use of bold typeface, italics and variations in size of type for quoted

extracts cited in cases and commentary, as well as avoidance of footnotes, is a

nuts and bolts approach which works very well in the methodical and logical

construction of the content of each chapter. The wealth of academic,

professional and practical experience of the learned author is evident

throughout in the lucid, straight-forward and illuminating notes and

commentary. Publisher Juta, with its commitment to providing practical user-friendly

tools of trade to its readers, is the ideal foil to the author’s presentation

and style.


Law of Persons Sourcebook and Law of Persons are a brace of exceptional

quality publications with a proven track record through five previous editions.

This sixth edition will be welcomed as an ever-valuable resource in a field of

law fundamental to the health, welfare and humanity of all who inhabit South



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